Monday, 1 January 2018

_ Glenn Murcutt _ 

'Simplicity is the other side of complexity' - Glenn Murcutt, 2017 

Simplicity in design calms us and somehow inspires us, not only in architecture but also in other forms of design. But what does simplicity mean? Or better yet, what does simplicity not mean? Simplicity is not to be confused with simpleness. I'm not advocating for nursery rhymes over symphonies. No, simplicity is quite different from simpleness.

Simplicity is effortless composition, an orderliness with lyrical qualities — like in a great painting that has only enough brushstrokes to convey the idea, in which the painter uses just the right amount of color, making it impossible to imagine another stroke or another color without its ruining the composition. Great design, whether in paintings or architecture, shares this quality. 

Often architecture is formed by intersecting geometries, but seldom are the geometries orchestrated in such a lyrical way as the two gently sloping roofs of this Centre.

 (Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Museum, photo by Payal Patel 2017) 

Beautiful architecture is not confined to the indoors, but should extend to outdoor living spaces, too, completing the idea and creating a holistic design.

(Simpson's Lee House,  photo by Payal Patel 2017

The beauty of this outdoor space lies in its simplicity: a simple, clean edge and geometry along with a rhythm of concrete bowls and bold-color furniture.

(Fredricks/ White House,  photo by Payal Patel 2017)  

Simplicity, tranquility and calm were the design qualities which came to my mind when I visited buildings designed by Glenn Murcutt. 

And with these qualities I did like to plunge into the new year! 

Happy 2018!! 

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